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                                                               Nanopure Engineering & Waste Management                                                         (Consultants & Manufacturers) 

       ISO 9001:2008( Quality) & ISO 14001:2005 (Environment)     

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Welcome to Nanopure 
(Excellence in Engineering & automated Pyrolysis-depolymerisation)

  • We provide one of the most sophisticated and sound technology with highest safety standards available today in the world for waste plastic management , rubber Pyrolysis and waste oil recycling at the most cost effective manner specially designed and engineered by experts & technologists having vast experiences in automation, process, engineering, mechanical design and plant commissioning to contribute to our social entrepreneurship giving huge benefits to entrepreneurs who choose waste management as one of their key businesses.

  • "We provide Fully automated and continuous plastic ,waste oil distillation and shredded rubber pyrolysis-depolymerisation PLC-SCADA based turnkey plant for capacity 10 TPD TO 100 TPD and more. Our Technology is one of the most updated and reputed technology equivalent to Superior 10th Generation Pyrolysis -depolymerisation plants now available in India"



    This plant is also described as plastic to fuel plant , plastic to oil plant , plastic pyrolysis plant, rubber pyrolysis plant or plastic depolymerisation.

    Nanopure Inc vision is to provide most Successful, Innovative, User friendly and cost effective solutions for plastic-rubber waste management & recycling in entire world.........

    Some of the key salient features are:

         a) Automated raw materials  feeding systems with variable frequency drives and conveyors fitted with cyclo shredders.                   

         b) Automated residual conveying systems with efficient heavy duty wet scrubbing systems.
         c) Completely interlocked gas handling systems , burner management systems and reactor control systems.
         d) Nanopure inc plants are professionally certified for their quality  with 14 levels of safety measures and interlockings which fulfill 

              environmental norms set by the govenment and international safety standards.
         e) Nanopure Inc Total plant and machinery along with automated systems completely with complete safety.
         f) Terms of supply include free Onsite Training and consultancy annual contract.
         g) Terms of supply include power back up of 20 kva for 5 TPD and 30 kva for 10 TPD plant and higher capacities through DG set.

  • We have developed a state of the art fully continuous with PLC-SCADA automated - Plastic depolymerisation Pyrolysis unit

    (5 TPD TO 100 TPD Capacity).

         a) 60 to 75 % Pyrolysis-LDO-SYN FUEL oil (based on raw material)

         b) 15 % syn gas which is re-used to run hot air burner management systems to make your plant energy efficient.

         c) 10 % carbon char which can be used to make activated carbon , road charring , biochar or pelleting and used for various industrial use.
         d) 5 %  grease/wax which is used for automobiles , road constructions or can be mixed with carbon to make pellets and used as fuel.

  • We also provide Detailed project reports and Consultancy services and supplier  for following:

  1. Chartered Engineer Certified and approved consultancy for turnkey : Plastic Pyrolysis Plants, Sugar plants and CO-GEN-MSW-Boilers.

  2. Detailed Project Report development(DPR),Detailed Viability Report Development (DVR),Detailed Financial Report Development(DFR),Techno-Commercial Report development (TCR) for:

        A.  Sugar Plant projects (1250 TCD TO 10000 TCD).
        B.  Ethanol Distilleries( 30 KLPD TO 300 KLPD).
        C.  Co-gen Power Projects ( 6Mw to 30Mw) & Waste–to–Power Plants & RDF (MSW) Boilers (Total Supply,Consultancy &Troubleshooting)

        D. Waste management projects for waste plastic, rubber and municipal solid waste. ( 5 TPD TO 100 TPD)

        E. Fully automated PLC-SCADA based agricultural waste to super biochar plants ( 10 TPD TO 100 TPD)




Nanopure Inc Core Management Team credentials & Strengths:




(Chief operating officer & Head of Engineering & Design)


Mr. Makarand G Godbole is Chief Mentor Heading Mechanical Designing - Installation Team at Nanopure Inc. Prior to this he was associated with Walchandnagar industries and Korba Super Thermal Power Plant . He was Heading Boiler -Design & Technical support. With Total experience of more than 36 Years of designing all type of boilers , heat recovery system , furnaces , oil & gas fired burning system he brings in the right kind of mechanical design guidance required.




(Managing Partner & Head of automation & Electricals)


Nishant is Managing Partner & Project Co-ordinator for Automation at Nanopure Inc. Prior to this he was working as Lead Engineer at General Electric-Transportation He hold a Expertise in Embedded system design. He holds a Master degree in Embedded system & bachelor's in Electronics Engineering.



(Joint Managing Partner & Head of Waste Management and Business Development)

Prashant is Joint Managing Partner  at Nanopure Inc. He is having expertise in process of waste materials recycling technology & Pyrolysis. He was involved in formation of this organization since beginning and also a prime waste management and pyrolysis consultant.He holds M. Tech (Bio-Engineering) MBA (Marketing) and Doctorate in Industrial and Project management.




(Head of after sales service)


He is a mechanical engineer & works along with eminent  team of  engineers to attend our prestigious & satisfied clients on time to resolve all issues at the earliest and ensures efficient running of  their plant Continuously. Prior to this he was working with  akzonobel india - dulux paints for after sales services.



We have expert team of experienced Engineers, Government certified consultants, Contractors , Welders, Fitters, Rigors to provide complete solution for all types of engineering, IBR-boiler & furnaces for their repair and maintainance and tunkey Industrial installation & comissioning, trainings  of Pyrolysis plants ,sugar , cement, chemical , co-gen -power and distilleries units.


Some Nanopure Inc principles thoughts...........


Give trust and you’ll get it double in return.

--Kees Kamies

One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.

 --John Rohn


Customer Service shouldn’t be a department; it should be the entire company” 

--Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappo’s



How we care !

Greetings from Nanopure Inc team,


At NANOPURE we have one goal in mind, to give you the best customer service and product  at best possible price. We are dedicated in delivering all of our client the reputed standard of project execution & excellence.





Personal expert advice, one –on-one service is our specialty. When you work with NANOPURE you receive the benefits of working with highly experienced people , who understand and takes the time to listen to your requirements and care for you.

We are here to assist you and walk through the entire process to ensure you maximum profit.




We work closely with our clients and make sure that we live to their expectations while never compromising on standards and ethics. You can count on us for quality work, excellent communication and faster delivery.

To give you the clear vision, how we are adding value to your project, please have a look to our quality template. We meet and exceed this goal every day, because you matter to us.

We are awaiting your call.

With Commitment and trust,

Best Regards,

Entire Nanopure Team