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                                                               Nanopure Engineering & Waste Management                                                         (Consultants ) 




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Welcome to Nanopure 
(Excellence in Engineering & automated Pyrolysis-depolymerisation)

  • We also provide Consultancy services   for following:

  1. Chartered Engineer Certified and approved consultancy for turnkey : All types  Boilers , Sugar plants and CO-GEN-MSW-Boilers.

  2. Detailed Project Report development(DPR),Detailed Viability Report Development (DVR),Detailed Financial Report Development(DFR),Techno-Commercial Report development (TCR) for:

        A.  Sugar Plant projects (1250 TCD TO 10000 TCD).
        B.  Ethanol Distilleries( 30 KLPD TO 300 KLPD).
        C.  Co-gen Power Projects ( 6Mw to 30Mw) & Waste–to–Power Plants & RDF (MSW) Boilers (Total Supply,Consultancy &Troubleshooting)

        D. Waste management projects for waste plastic, rubber and municipal solid waste. ( 5 TPD TO 100 TPD)

        E. Fully automated PLC-SCADA based agricultural waste to super biochar plants ( 10 TPD TO 100 TPD)